Ratings Guide

The goal of these ratings is to advise ATHLETES on where to eat while they are in the midst of heavy training volume. Athletes need good quality meals, nutritious  foods, and a good value. (Remember: No more empty stomachs after a dinner out!) Some restaurants may have superb dining, but fail on the other attributes important to athletes bringing down their star ranking.

  Excellent food at a great value. Good sized portions and food that is highly recommended for athletes in training. One of the author’s favorites.

  Good to great food. Moderately priced or portioned. Still highly recommended and worth checking out.

  Average to good food. Probably a bit expensive for what it is. Restaurant has some good qualities, but not ideal for athletes as a regular stop.

  Poor to average food. May be too expensive or very poor quality. Little that would likely empower athletes for a hard day of training. Not recommended.

Poor food, possibly disgusting or sickening. Don’t waste your time.




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