I am Andrew Byrnes, 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist in Rowing, full-time athlete, and consumer of 6,000 daily calories. I enjoy eating at all kinds of restaurants, but usually end up cooking for myself just to be sure to reach these extreme caloric intake needs.

This is my foray into the culinary world. There are plenty of reviews out there that will tell you how fresh are the ingredients or how deep is the wine cellar, but as athletes, what we really want to know is how good is the fuel and will it fill us up for tomorrow’s hard day of training. On this blog I will be reviewing some of Victoria’s most athlete-friendly restaurants. Hopefully, with my help, gone will be the days of “pre-eating” before going out for a nice dinner with the girl. No more stops at McDonalds for a burger on the way home because “that wasn’t quite enough”, and no more mistakes expecting the $29 halibut platter to fill you up. I will help you navigate the restaurant world and find where are the most athlete-friendly tables in Victoria.


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