Bon Sushi ●●●●●

Teammate Kevin Light works on Sushi Platter B

Packed with lean protein, omega-3 oils, and minerals, fish is a very healthy food. Top it off with a ball or roll of sushi rice (carbs) and you’ve got yourself a great food for a high-performance athlete. Many athletes don’t often think to go for sushi thinking it’s too expensive to satisfy a serious hunger. Bon Sushi solves this problem—delicious sushi at reasonable prices. They offer classic “purist” rolls and saucy “California-style” rolls that will stimulate your Unami taste buds. Their Royal Oak restaurant is quick and friendly to athletes who show up in post-workout track suits, best of all, you don’t have negotiate with downtown traffic to get there.

Rice digests easily before an afternoon workout so this author’s favorite is to hit up Bon Sushi for lunch. I’m a big fan of the teriyaki lunch box combo meal ($8 Reg, $13 Lg). If I go with a regular, I’ll usually add one of their 41 types of rolls—like a 10 piece dynamite roll ($6.50) or one of their great baked rolls drizzled with special sauce ($9). Finish it off with green tea ($1.50) and you are all set. If it is just sushi you are after 3-4 rolls will fill a hungry athlete or challenge yourself with the Party Platter A (5 rolls, $30).

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Bon Sushi
Victoria, BC

Open Monday to Saturday for Lunch 11am till 2:30pm & Dinner 5pm till 9pm

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Full-time in-training Olympic Athlete, 5000 calorie-a-day eater, and restaurant guide for hungry athletes.

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  1. Precisely what I was looking for, thankyou for putting up.

  2. Love this place

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